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I want a training that goes beyond theory.

I want to explore Agile with other professionals.

I want to practice coaching and facilitation in a safe setting.

I am free to learn at my own pace and budget.

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The training sessions (expeditions) are designed based on gold standards for training and are based on neuroscience principles for learning. That means your training will be truly effective and useful to you in practice.

You will skill up to make a meaningful impact in your work. You will also expand your global professional network, tapping into new opportunities.

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Matt, USA
EviCore Healthcare

"The Road offers a way to explore Agile and Scrum concepts together to develop a deeper shared understanding between individuals. It is not an assessment of knowledge but instead, it is a learning journey."

Vailshali, USA
Fidelity Investments

"This global community of practice is such a treat. The course brings together threads of facilitation, agile culture, and scrum principles with best practices from a range of disciplines in co-active learning formats that are accessible and applicable across a range of environments. I love the way the course is framed as an adventure. It brings me joy in my practice."

Elly, South Africa
Old Mutual Limited

"What a journey this was! It was such an enriching and memorable experience filled with lots of Aha moments that incorporated playfulness and inclusiveness as we shared our experiences. Absolutely loved that most of the concepts were covered in such a way that you could easily practically apply them to your context work wise."

Kamila, Czech Republic
Actum Digital

"R2M really made a difference. The journey was just amazing. I learned to take a stand, how to be a better Scrum Master, and to see the way clearly. I can help my team become the best version of themselves and provide client with the biggest value. The group helped me improve my communication and argumentation. I really see the difference at work. I am so grateful to be part of such a supportive group living the values. These were unbelievable months, we really became friends sharing even our life success. "

Benjamin, Switzerland
Hitachi Energy

"The R2M was without a doubt the best learning experience I had so far in my career. What a journey, what nice plays, what beautiful Miro Boards, what awesome people! The simple, short, small plays were very nice and could easily be put in practice. The journey helped me to learn from all the amazing other travelers and guides and in the process I could learn more about myself. I certainly got a lot more than I expected from the R2M."

Amy, USA
The Hartford

"I highly recommend joining a team of travelers on this journey. R2M provides me with a weekly dose of inspiration to try new experiments with top quality templates, and the conversation with other agile thinkers to discuss and share my experience. I am constantly discovering new approaches to coaching and having fun while doing it!"