Welcome to our new Travel Hub!


Explore better ways

Welcome to the new home for Road to Mastery (R2M)! We've dubbed it our travel hub, because here we want to bring the community together, so that we can share experiences.

With the R2M we depart from the fundamental spirit that defines agility - the first (and often overlooked) line of the Agile Manifesto:

 - 'We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it'.

In short
, we are exploring better ways together.
- and it's not just software, but awesome products and teams in general.

The R2M is not an 'Agile Transformation Program' 🙄- which often leads to top-down misguided attempts. Instead, change emerges through guiding, empowering, and upskilling individuals, fostering an environment where they are supported by professional peers and qualified guides. This way, they can clear their path - make their own trail - through their corporate jungles.

What's New?

The R2M can now be traveled in two ways. Either virtually or physically. Members can choose their own expeditions - enabling them to learn at their own pace and budget. Each approach has its advantages.

Members can see what expeditions they have completed, which ones they signed up for, and which ones still await them.

The journey doesn’t have to be traveled in a fixed linear order. People can choose their expeditions as unique destination to explore. We are creating new expeditions too. We believe this enables professionals to step in at a lower price, experience the value, grow more comfortable, and learn at their own pace. It makes it more accessible.

We have new Discord Channel bringing everyone together. Here, members can meet, chat and share.

With these changes we create a broader, diverse global community.