Tour Du Mont Blanc



The TMB is the most famous in Europe. It crosses 3 countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. The trail circles the Mont Blanc massif and has 10 kilometers of altitude difference. You will walk between 5 and 9 hours daily for 9 days with steep climbs and descent.

On this leadership trail you will learn and experience high-performance while walking at high altitude.

We'll learn more about the neuroscience behind effective learning, master new coaching skills and find out what it takes to foster Psychological Safety.

What better way to improve both your mental and physical health as you level yourself up to a new height. It provides an opportunity to bond with other professionals and learn from their experience.

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Saturday July 6th, 2024 (arrival day)

Welcome to Champex-Lac, the serene jewel nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, marking the commencement of our leadership trail. Situated on the shores of a crystal-clear lake, surrounded by lush pine forests and majestic peaks, Champex-Lac provides a perfect starting point.

On this day you may arrive at their own leisure, take a stroll around the tranquil lake, absorbing the stunning reflections of snow-capped peaks mirrored in its pristine waters. The vibrant wildflowers, the crisp mountain breeze, and the distant jingle of cowbells welcomes you to an atmosphere that inspires reflection and mindfulness.

At Champex-Lac you'll be welcomed at a small, quiet country inn. There's authentic and organic home cooking, and a real mountain feel. Enjoy Swiss hospitality as we meet each other, sharing our aspirations over a hearty Swiss meal and indulge in local specialties that fuel our bodies for the challenging yet rewarding days ahead.

Accomodation: Le Belvédère

Booking Status: Confirmed.


Sunday July 7th, 2024

If you did not already arrive at Champex-Lac on Saturday, you can do so throughout the morning and early sunday afternoon.

This time allows for a gradual acclimatization and mentally prepare for the challenging hikes that lie ahead. Whether you choose to explore the nearby trails, or simply revel in the beauty meditating by the lake, this time is yours to absorb the serenity and build a connection with the environment and welcome arriving companions.

At 15:00, we gather for our formal briefing. We share our motivations, aspirations, and expectations for the journey. During the briefing, we also conduct a check of our gear, ensuring that everyone is equipped for the challenges ahead. We establish guidelines to hike the TMB responsibly and with due respect for the environment. As we delve into the intricacies of the trail, we cultivate a sense of unity and purpose that will carry us through the days to come.

Evening: Following the (in)formalities of the briefing, we come together for a homely cooked dinner, an opportunity to further bond as a group sharing stories and laughter over a warm meal to fuel us for our early departure the next day.

Accomodation: Le Belvédère

Booking Status: Confirmed.

DAY 2: Psychological Safety

Monday July 8th, 2024

Our leadership trail begins with an early breakfast, energizing us for the day's journey. You will receive your first mission folder with assignments focusing on the theme of 'Psychological Safety.' These tasks are designed to encourage collaboration, open communication, and mutual support among the group. Completing these assignments will deepen our understanding of the leadership qualities associated with creating a psychologically safe and supportive environment.

With backpacks strapped on and a sense of anticipation in the air, we bid farewell to Champex-Lac and set out on our hike towards the first mountain refuge, La Peule.

As you start your trek, the snow-capped majesty of the Mont Blanc range serves as welcome companion. The initial stage of our hike is a leisurely valley walk along the eastern edge of the Mont Blanc range, allowing us to ease into the rhythm of the trail.

Around 1.5 hours into our journey, we continue, a gradual ascent in altitude begins. The towns of La Fouly and Ferret dot our path, each contributing to the cultural tapestry of the region. Navigating through a picturesque riverside woodland, we approach the real challenge of the day - a steep climb to 2000m altitude. This ascent tests our physical endurance and camaraderie as we ascend together. The reward for our efforts lies in the welcoming sight of La Peule, our first mountain refuge, nestled amid alpine pastures.

Arriving at La Peule, you are greeted by the iconic alpine milk cows, their melodious bells echoing through the mountain air. The refuge, with its authentic charm, provides a relaxed introduction to the mountain accommodations that will be our homes throughout the journey; it's a great place to mend our first blisters.

The evening at La Peule we can reflec over a hearty half-board dinner as we bond with fellow TMB hikers, exchanging stories of the day's triumphs and challenges. As the night settles over the mountains, we retire to the bunk beds in an open dorm to get well needed rest for a long day ahead.

Hike time: ~6h.
Difficulty: average.
Accomodation: La Peule
Booking Status: Confirmed.


Tuesday July 9th, 2024

This day promises to be a real challenge, testing your endurance and resilience. Brace yourselves for a whopping 9(!) hour hike that will take you through diverse landscapes. What will get your through this challenge is a good dose of playfulness, engaging in assignments designed to foster camaraderie and lighten your moods on the trail.

The day begins with a steep ascent to the Ferret Summit at 2500 meters. The air is crisp, and the panoramic views from this elevation are nothing short of breathtaking. This initial climb sets the tone for the day.

Following the summit, we navigate a long descent, winding our way down until we reach Chalet Val Ferret. The trail leads us to the Bonatti Refuge, a key checkpoint in our journey. Here, we pause to recharge and refuel, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the mountains.

The trail continues through picturesque pastures adorned with cotton grass and light larchwoods. Crossing into Italy, we make our way to the Bertone Refuge.

This stretch demands resilience, camaraderie, and the determination to press on, even as some companions may grapple with exhaustion. A well-deserved rest at Rif Bertone prepares us for the last evening stretch of the day - a dark, winding descent to the charming town of Courmayeur.

The twinkling lights of Courmayeur, will guide us to our destination. Our reward for conquering the longest hike awaits at Hotel Croux, where comfortable 3-person bedrooms provide a haven for rest and rejuvenation. The camaraderie forged during the day's challenges is celebrated over a well-deserved dinner, and the shared triumphs become the stories that bind us together on this remarkable hike.

Hike time: ~9h.
Difficulty: hard.
Accomodation: Hotel Croux, Courmayeur
Booking status:


Wednesday July 10th, 2024

After a well-deserved night of rest at Hotel Croux, you'll awaken to a new set of challenges this day has in store. You'll venture into the high route above the Val Veni. You'll apply (and learn new) coaching skills as you support each other through steep ascents along breathtaking vistas.

Today you will ascend 1.500 meters!

A particular wooded slope and climb demands a great deal of support and encouragement from fellow travelers, making it an ideal setting for coaching assignments.

Our path leads us to the refuges of Randonneur and Maison Veille, serving as checkpoints on our journey. These mountain refuges provide brief respites and opportunities for reflection, reinforcing the bonds formed during coaching assignments. The summit of Checrouit and Mont Favre Spur, with their panoramic views, reward us for our collective resilience.

Having conquered the challenging ascent, we can now peacefully descend to the stunning Lac Combal. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, this breathtaking lake provides a serene backdrop for a well-deserved rest. Here, surrounded by the beauty of nature, we reflect on the coaching experiences of the day and march through a stunning valley until a winding stretch up a cliff into the embrace of Elisabetta.

The last stetch to Elisabetta is exhausing and physically demanding. At Elisabetta we will need to rest and gather our spirits. It is here where we truly rely on coaching and supporting each other - summoning the motivation to press on.

Heading out from Elisabetta you will approach a daunting and sharply titled Pyramids Calcaires - a limestone anomaly on the edge of a granite massif and glaciers. From Elisabetta it's a rough 1-hour leg to Col De La Seigne, a significant point on the Tour du Mont Blanc, marking the Italian-Franco border at an elevation of 2500 meters with a breathtaking view.

From here we continue for a final climb on our last legs to Refuge Robert Blanc at 2750m.

Hike time: ~8h.
Difficulty: very hard.
Accomodation: Refuge Robert Blanc
Booking status:

DAY 5: Ego & Authenticity

Thursday July 11th, 2024

As we bid farewell to Robert Blanc, we head out for a diverse and captivating trail. Our day begins with a steep descent. The landscape transforms as we navigate our way to the checkpoint at Refuge Des Mottets, a dairy-farm-turned-refuge. Here, amidst the rustic charm, we pause to rejuvenate.

The hike continues through the picturesque valley of Les Chapieux, a small hamlet that adds a touch of tranquility to our grit. The next challenge awaits as we ascend towards the Refuge Des Bonhommes, a place to gather both mental and physical strength to press on.

The final stretch of the day is a short and easy walk downhill, leading us nearly all the way to our evening accommodation—the Refuge De La Balme. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, this refuge offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hike time: ~5h.
Difficulty: light.
Accomodation: Refuge De La Balme
Booking status:


Friday July 12th, 2024

Finally some respite. We'll start the day wandering through pastures and patches of woodland approaching Les Contamines. Here we can take it easy. The hike will be relatively short, but steep.

It's one of the shorter hikes, it's none-the-less a challenge, especially in the July summer heat. That makes this day a perfect day to advance our Mastery in agility.

Once everyone is feeling light, and having replenished at Les Contamines, we head for a steep ascending footpath that winds towards a little chapel, whose altar is made of logs. Here is an opportunity to replenish water bottles through a spring-fed trough to continue the ascend, crossing a footbridge over a glacial torrent, climbing through more woodland towards our destination: the inn at Bionnassay.

Hike time: ~4,5h.
Difficulty: light.
Accomodation: Auberge De Bionnassay
Booking status:

DAY 7: Appreciation

Saturday July 13th, 2024

Welcome to one of the toughest days of the TMB. One that calls for grit, respect and deep appreciation.

The day starts with a walk up the road turning into a jeep track/dirt road that winds in long loops onto the summit: Col de Vosa. This short climb is just a tease for what is to come. But first, enjoy passing ski-tows followed by rows of houses descending into the town of Les Houches.

Les Houches is our checkpoint to replenish and re-energize. What's ahead will be the toughest stage of the TMB - a steep and relentless climb. Rising through a forest in zig-zags the spiritual phase of the journey will kick-in as we are welcomed by the statue of Le Christ Roi (Christ the King).

The trail winds ever up and up until it passes a Mountain Zoo. Eventually you will come out of the forest and the path welcomely dips into a narrow gully with a stream flowing through it. Once again you will start gaining height steeply as you are humbled by a spectacular view of the Mont Blanc to which you can only bow in appreciation as you reach a point of sheer exhaustion.

You'll keep climbing as every step brings you closer to your refuge, a small, but iconic timbre hut: Bellachat.  

Hike time: ~7h.
Difficulty: very hard.
Accomodation: Refuge De Bellachat
Booking status:
Pending confirmation.
(the accomodation may yet change)


Sunday July 14th, 2024

Minutes after departing our refuge the summit of Le Brévent comes into view. You wander through a challenging rocky landscape as you navigate its shoulder just below the summit. You will pass an epic cableway restaurant giving you a breathtaking view of Chamonix below. As you pass on its tempting offer to take you down, instead we will continue on foot, sloping downhill. The descent is rocky and rough and two steel ladders will test your courage. The rough terrain soon makes way for a pleasant path as you head towards our checkpoint: Refuge de la Flégère. It will require good spirit to press on for a final 2 hour challenge.

We turn away from the refuge gently rising across the hillside, passing an attractive waterfall spraying through a gully in the cliff face. As we continue the path will rise more steeply, with zig-zags to reach a prominent cairn after which we reach the Tête aux Vents.

Passing the Tête aux Vents, exhausted, we enter into a majestic descent towards Tré le Champ. We will spend the night at a friendly accommodation in an alpine chalet "La Boerne" of the eighteenth century with Savoyard cuisine and a sunny terrace.

Hike time: ~7h.
Difficulty: average.
Accomodation: La Boerne
Booking status:


Monday July 15th, 2024

We will depart the cozy chalet in silence as we climb steeply in a zig-zag towards Col de Balme. Before we reach the summit however, we will pass L'Aiguillette des Posettes. This panorama will be yet another highlight of our tour. This will take us into a grassy saddle of Col des Posettes. Beneath yet another ski tow and beyond avalanche fenses you will finally approach Col de Balme the first checkpoint along the Franco-Swiss border with a celebrated view of Vallée de l'Arve. Here we can finally break our silence.

We press on through the valley and hike through a steep forrest path, descending into the town of Trient. Here we can rest and find our way to our hotel and enjoy a late night pizza.

Hike time: ~7h.
Difficulty: average.
Accomodation: Les Touristes
Booking status:

DAY 10: back to basecamp

Tuesday July 16th, 2024

The TMB has one final challenge in store for you: a highpoint known as Collet Portalo. The ever climbing path takes you along a meadow before it enters and twists through a woodland. It gains height steeply in places until we reach alp buildings leading into an open basin. Then it resumes among larch- and pinewoods to Collet Portalo, beyond which we hit our checkpoint at Alp Bovine, an emergency dotoir that can present us with welcome refreshments.

On the final day you will journey through the simple pastoral life of the traditional alp herdsman and farmers - as well as modern orchards and vineyards along the hillsides. Descending into the wooded Vallon de Six Fours you're truly sensing that each step brings you closer Champex.

Transcended, distinguished (and undoubtedly exhausted and a few kilograms lighter) you will gently return to our basecamp. Here you will receive the legendary R2M TMB insignia. You can spend another night, two or three to recover, or even summit the Mont Blanc itself, before you head back home to share your saga.

Hike time: ~5h.
Difficulty: light.
Accomodation: Le Belvédère
Booking status:


Travel Budget

As you gear up, here is some important information regarding the travel budget.
I aim to make our Tour du Mont Blanc experience as accessible and hospitable as possible.
I'm pleased to inform you that we can limit your travel budget to 2000 euros (excl tax).
To kickstart the preparations, we kindly request a 750 euro (excl tax) upfront payment for financing the downpayments of the accomodations to secure your spot on the TMB.

This budget covers various aspects, including accommodation, meals, transportation, training, and any additional logistical requirements.

It does not include gear and transportation to and from Champex-Lac.
And, naturally, make sure you have a travel insurance.

Should you have any questions about financing this expedition, please don't hesitate to reach out.
For example, we can help you set up a personal sponsorship.

What to Bring?

Here is a list that will help you prepare.


Know that if you walk with us, you will also be supporting Cliniclowns.
Cliniclowns is an organization dedicated to bringing joy, laughter, and comfort to children facing challenging circumstances, particularly those in hospitals. Through the power of humor and connection, Cliniclowns strives to create positive and uplifting experiences for these young warriors and their families. By choosing to support Cliniclowns during your TMB trek, you are becoming an ambassador of hope and happiness for those who need it most.


Embarking on the Tour du Mont Blanc requires a good level of physical health, making it an excellent motivator to prioritize your well-being. Being in good physical condition ensures you fully enjoy every step of the trek. Specialized experience is not mandatory.

The TMB involves walking with ascents and descents, including some steep terrains, for extended durations. To make the most of this adventure and minimize the impact on your knees, legs, and back, we recommend engaging in activities that strengthen these muscle groups. Regular walking, hiking, and exercises focused on your lower body will help prepare you for the demands of the journey.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about physical preparation or the trek itself, feel free to reach out. I'll support you every step of the way.


This leadership expedition will be guided by:

Sjoerd Nijland (Netherlands)
With organizational support from Kevin Rommen (Netherlands)


We currently have reservations for:

1.  Biplab Subedi | Nepal
2. Rey Carcana | USA
3. Ivan Duchateau | Netherlands
4. Ilya zaytsev | Germany
5. Available

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