Surviving Self-Management

Embark on a transformative island adventure. In this immersive expedition, you'll traverse the landscapes of team dynamics, fostering the conditions that allow self-management to flourish. This metaphorical island isn't just a destination—it's a catalyst for change.

Navigate through the thickets of understanding preconditions—those essential pillars of self-management foundation.

Uncover the hidden treasures of empowering plays, a treasure of tools that sculpt a nurturing environment where teams thrive independently yet harmoniously.

But every journey comes with its share of challenges, and self-management is no exception. Prepare to confront the risks and dangers that may lurk in the shadows, understanding how to tread cautiously while empowering teams to flourish.

In the heart of this expedition lies the art of decision-making as a team. Here beats a collaborative rhythm. Learn how to uncover your team's preferred work styles—giving each member a unique voice within the harmonious chorus of collaboration. In this realm of growth, opportunities for improvement will abound, leading you to target rigid rules and systems that hinder your team.

"Surviving Self Management" offers a treasure trove of insights, survival kits, and essential skills that empower you to create an environment where self-management flourishes. The island is an uncharted realm and yours to explore.

In short

1 day physical or virtual

Empower teams

Foster self-management

Increase ownership

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Sjoerd Nijland
Founder and guide
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