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Cramping information in a 2-day classroom is not the most effective way to teach or train.
In most classes the assumption prevails that training time should be used to convey as much information as possible and that the student should simply be responsible for digesting it all. This pains me.
Just because information is lectured, does not mean a student learned anything.

There’s much more to learning and training, if you want to do it well.

neuro science PRINCIPLES

In the Road 2 Mastery you will acquire new knowledge and skills through training which is drawn from the latest neuroscientific principles.

Movement over Sitting.

Talking over Listening.

Images over Text.

Shorter over Longer.

Different over Same.

These principes are derived from resources, research and experience in the fields of neurology, education and psychology.


I apply techniques from Accelerated Learning, Multi-Sensory Learning, Liberating Structures and Training From the Back of the Room. This helps me support you in processing and retaining information, making your learning journey more effective and sensational.

I will engage all senses during the learning process: visuals, auditory elements, kinesthetic activities and even smell and taste. This activates different parts of your brain which deepen your understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Through colorful and tangible training material with interactive discussions you will skill up.
Did you know that playing:

Relieves stress.

Improves brain functions.

Increases creativity.

Deepens connections.

Develops trust.

Channels conflict.

Increases happiness.

This is how I turn attendees into engaged participants - from beginning to end.
Imagine solving puzzles, applying what you have learned and teaching others to reinforce your understanding and retention.

By using brain friendly techniques even complicated concepts will be easy to master. It is my goal to immerse you so you forget you are learning. Guaranteed you will uncover talents you never knew you had!

from the back of the room

All our guides are professionals, trained to provide effective support from the back of the room.


Foster a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Use visual and physical aids.

Prepare different ways to engage the subject matter.

Adapt for neurodiversity.

Provide frequent breaks.

Keeps segments short.

Check for understanding.

Allow time for thinking, reflection, and note taking.

Break large groups into pairs/triads/squads.

Share anecdotes, metaphors and stories.

Provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other.

Create feedback loops.

Foster a sense of community.

And lots more crazy stuff, like stretching - and if you are lucky - even dancing.

from the best

If you want to follow me down some rabbit holes, consider researching these inspiring individuals.

Sharon Bowman

Barbara Oakley

Mary Myatt

Tom Sherrington

Robert Keagan

Lev Vygotsky

Doug Lemov

John Medina

Erik Scherder

Patricia Wolfe

That is just the tip of the iceberg.
For some of the best kept secrets you will just have to get to know me ;-)

Evelien Roos
Trainer and guide
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